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Top 13 presuppositions used in NLP | Super NLP

Top 13 presuppositions used in NLP

They are the backbone of neuro linguistic programming and they aren’t the truth but bring choices that can be used to empower people and make them capable to decide and take the correct decision in the life. An assumption or presupposition is something you think or assume is true from the beginning. There are people thinking God doesn’t exit so it is something these people have set in their mind and the only way to make them think different is if this presupposition is affected or altered. Presuppositions aren’t a problem itself, the problem could appear in scene when your assumptions are based on myths and folks.

There are too many things with presuppositions that can change your life and produce the outcome you want for your life. But it evidently depends on many factors that should be applied with the correct NLP technique. If you can’t understand how presumptions work and how can them  be applied to NLP let me tell you that there are too many experts and professionals investing several years of investigation and research in order to improve each NLP technique based on presuppositions.

Presuppositions are things people belief about how things work in the life or about steps and behaviors you should assume in your life as the correct way to succeed. But not necessarily you are correct in the way you think and sometimes you want to see a different result doing the same things. If you want to see new things happening in your life you should do different things that move your life to the next level. I would like to share with you some of the most popular assumptions that are used in NLP. These assumptions are used as a model that will help you to overcome negative things that stop you to be more productive and have a successful life. Presuppositions are the beliefs people think that are useful in producing changes in their lives or that impact other people. In the following lines I will describe most of them.

Communication is beyond words.
Nobody is wrong.
People already have all the things they need.
There is a good intention behind every behavior.
You can find that every behavior is useful in some context.
The meaning of the communication is based on responses you receive.
When you don’t get what you want try in a different way.
Failure doesn’t exist but feedback.
To have a choice is better that haven’t any choice.
The element is more flexibility is the most influent.
The map isn’t the place.
If you are able to do something, someone is able to learn it.
Communication should be perfect.

Finally, presuppositions can be studied in many ways and applied to NLP in many ways too. For more information about presuppositions you can see forums and websites talking about this important issue. Also, there are companies which are currently marketing several NLP products that are available in the internet with the required documentation.

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