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NLP Trainer Training Evaluation and Certification | Super NLP

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Why attend Our NLP Trainer Training and NLP Trainer Evaluation and Certification?

What is Important to You in Learning to be an NLP Trainer? Would Any of These Be Important?

• Becoming the best NLP trainer or presenter you can possibly be.
• Developing your attractiveness as an NLP Trainer so you become a totally charismatic speaker.
• Having your own Business as an NLP Trainer.
• In a corporate training environment would being a Certified Trainer of NLP increase your credibility?
• Would being certified as an NLP Trainer increase your prestige or your competitive advantage in your coaching or therapy business?
• Moving into the worthwhile market of being a keynote speaker?
• How about getting paid or making money transforming and empowering people as an NLP Trainer.
• Or would you like to just have the most powerful personal development experience that you can have.
If you said yes to just one you are right to invest your time and money. Is you said yes to more than one then you must take the NLP Trainer Training!

What does it take to be a most excellent and successful NLP Trainer?

1. You need to know NLP.
2. You will then demonstrate what you teach.
3. Next you can develop the following qualities: being inspiring, being entertaining and we want to see who you really are..
4. Finally, you need to be committed, determined and energetic and able to persevere to achieve your own future success.

As an NLP Master Practitioner graduate you already know NLP. (By the way, if you are not certain, talk to us about reviewing or assisting at a Practitioner or Master Practitioner Training. There is no charge to assist.) If you are committed, determined and energetic then you will have what you need to become a Certified NLP Trainer.

What is the content of the NLP Trainer Training?

• How to quickly get into control of and create compliance with any group.
• Entering into the NLP Trainer State will allow you to read the entire room at a glance.
• Maintaining the NLP Trainer state will get rid of your fear and jitters.
• Getting rid of any limiting beliefs (or limiting decisions) you could have about being a effective NLP Trainer will make you confident and effective.
• Learn how to create and maintain rapport with an audience from 7 to 7,000 people.
• Working with and managing group process and group dynamics
• How to utilize the “4-MAT System” to arrange all of your presentations so they are easy to understand and produce results for the students.
• How to use hypnosis and hypnosis techniques to communicate to the Unconscious Mind which will FasTrak the students’ learning and new behaviors.
• How to design NLP and other kinds of training programs from an NLP Trainer point of view.
• How to design exercises with numerous goals and purposes
• How to evaluate your students for certification.
• How to at your best doing demonstrations that always work as they motivate and inspire.
• How to work with the energy of the students in the room.
• Marketing, advertising and selling NLP Training programs.
• Become a charismatic presenter with huge personal attractiveness.
• How to deliver a Keynote address and be inspirational.
• Getting corporate contracts.
• How to deal with troublemakers. How to avoid the alligators.
• Logistics to put on successful NLP training seminars.
• AND more…more…more…

How is the NLP Trainer’s Training structured?
The NLP Trainer Training and Evaluation itself is 16 days in total. During the first 12 days you will be presenting and getting feedback from Certified NLP Trainers and Certified NLP Master Trainers. With every new skill you are taught, you will practice it in front of an audience within a matter of minutes. This will install the new behaviors that will have you using your new skills, like a master and without any effort. We will also give you the inside track on how an NLP Trainer demonstrates the patterns and techniques they are teaching for best results for the students.

Who will be training me during the NLP Trainer’s Evaluation?
When you attend our NLP Trainer training, you study only with Master Trainers. You study with the most experienced trainers in the entire field of NLP. Dr. Tad James, M.S., Ph.D. – One of The Original Masters of NLP, the Creator of Time Line Therapy® Techniques, and Adriana James, MA, Ph.D. – Master trainer of NLP

Master Trainers (Tad James and Adriana James) conduct our entire NLP training. This is important for you as a student. Dr. Tad James is one of the most famous NLP Trainers in the world. He is one of the original masters of NLP, the creator of Time Line Therapy® techniques. For the past 30 years, Tad has been training people to become Trainers of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Dr. Adriana James is a very charismatic, gifted and knowledgeable presenter. She represents a living example for all women who are interested in being empowered and respected as presenters and as women.

Tad and Adriana, teach the whole time – they will also be joined by a team of Certified Trainers of NLP who will coach you and give you invaluable feedback preparing you for both the NLP Trainer’s Training and the 4-day Evaluation.

What People Are Saying
“I booked NLP Trainer Training but I didn’t really know consciously why I was doing it other than a desire to deepen my understanding and to grow personally. I told Adriana that this had been the most profound course that I had attended but in a way, Practitioner, Master Practitioner, and now Trainers Training have all had a profound effect on me and represented significant milestones in my life.Your metaphors have touched me deeply; it’s as if you knew exactly what was going on in my life and that you have speaking to me personally. (There’s a bucket of crabs waiting for me at home!)

“I have a certificate that says that I am a Certified Trainer of NLP, and certainly feel as though I’ve earned it, but I have received much greater personal value – it’s as if the whole process has been a metaphor for something much larger for me. You warned us that “our stuff will come us” and there’s no doubt that I have faced myself and seen some things I didn’t like that are going to change – have to change.

“I am so thankful that our paths have crossed.
– With love and best wishes, Robin Melley, Certified Trainer of NLP, UK

I have performed to thousands of people in my career. I thought I knew how to present. Until… NLP Trainer Training, 3 weeks of the most inspirational, informative and magical material I have ever learned. I now present with exceptional confidence knowing I am getting the message across to everyone!”
Alice Haemmerle, Director “A Perfect Mind” Australia

“You told us that … ‘Some trainings present ideas and theories rather than train you in new skills and abilities. This is not much different from reading books or researching the internet for information, therefore this type of training can be a more expensive and time-consuming way of getting the same result.’

“There are trainings that allow you to feel confident and motivated but because you don’t learn behavioral competence to support those feelings, two weeks later you are in the same position you were before you took the training. This does not make the experience less enjoyable as long as it is not confused with NLP training.

“Some trainings will have the trainer try to look really good, and to be extremely interesting in his presentations. In our training we are interested in you looking good and achieving your goals for taking the training.
“That’s when I really learned how NLP + Time Line Therapy® works and to really believe it.”
— Richard Walker, England

Quote/video from Dave :

Quote/video from Mary ?????

What would happen if I attend The NLP Trainer Training, Evaluation and Certification?
Of course it is your choice. In terms of personal transformation becoming a certified NLP Trainer is not the end…it is the beginning of making a difference in the world and being a part of the global transformation. Many of our graduates now run their own NLP Training businesses and are well known in the field.

NLP Trainer Training

The NLP Trainer Training

US Office: +1-888-440-4823 Australia toll free: 1800–133–433
From outside the US: +1-702 440-4823 Australia Office: +61 2 9221 9221
Email: mailboxUSA@nlpcoaching.com Email: bb@nlpcoaching.com

NLP Trainer Evaluation
Why attend Our NLP Trainer’s Evaluation and Certification?
If you want to:
• Be a certified NLP Trainer through the American Board of NLP
• Be able to certify your students as NLP Practitioners and/or NLP Master Practitioners.
• Own your own NLP Training Business.

Then our NLP Trainer’s Evaluation and Certification is absolutely something you want to do!

How is the NLP Trainer’s Evaluation structured?
The 4-Day evaluation process comes right after you successfully complete the NLP Trainer’s Training. It has 4 parts:

Day 1 Test Day – The test is a closed book written examination on the content of what you learned in the NLP Practitioner and the NLP Master Practitioner trainings. You have the full day to complete the test. You need to know that most people finish earlier than they expect to. Assuming you know NLP, you will discover the test is easy.
(Due to logistics, the next three days may be in a different order in your Trainer’s Training.)

Day 2 and 3 – Presentation Days: You will present one different 30-minute presentation on each day. Your presentation will come from the content of a traditional NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner course. After you make the presentation, you will receive very specific feedback on each presentation. It is your choice, the topic of your presentation and what you present. During the first 12 days you will have plenty of time to rehearse.

Day 4 Demo Day – Demonstration Day: During the day you will present a live demonstration of a Practitioner or Master Practitioner NLP pattern. You will select your own demonstration subject. The topic will be chosen by your NLP Master Trainer who will tell you which demonstration to perform. During the Trainer’s Training, you will learn how to always make a perfect demonstration.

What are the prerequisites for attending the NLP Trainer’s Evaluation?
• To be certified as an NLP Trainer at the NLP Trainer’s Training, Evaluation and Certification you need to be a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP.
• As a Certified Practitioner of NLP you can attend the 12-day NLP Trainer’s Training and Evaluation. You would not be certified as an NLP Trainer until you have become a Master Practitioner of NLP

One thing is for sure, it doesn’t matter where you are right now. The only thing that matters is where you want to be. We’re not saying that being successful within NLP is easier than being successful in any other area of business.
By the time you have completed your NLP Trainer’s Evaluation and Certification you’ll know there are no valid reasons for you not being as successful a NLP Trainer as you want to be.
US Office: +1-888-440-4823                       Australia toll free: 1800–133–433
From outside the US: +1-702 440-4823    Australia Office: +61 2 9221 9221
Email: mailboxUSA@nlpcoaching.com     Email: bb@nlpcoaching.com

Become an NLP Trainer!


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