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NLP Master Practitioner-NLP Coach Certification | Super NLP

What will I learn on the NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Master Coach Certification Training?

The NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Master Coach Training Course with Drs. Adriana James and Dr. Tad James is where we get to pull out all the stops and really get into the newest techniques of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis. We discover how to make the advanced techniques of NLP produce results on a very deep level.

Why become an NLP Master Practitioner?

When you are certified as an NLP Master Practitioner/Coach, you will have learned 20 more specific techniques and processes that you can use to improve your life as well as others. At the completion you will be certified with 5 certificates which are internationally recognized for your excellence. You will also have an understanding of the world in which you live from a different viewpoint which will increase your results in the world.

During the NLP Master Practitioner NLP Master Coach Training you will learn:

The NLP Master Practitioner and the Latest Thinking in Physics
• Modern Physics made simple—Quantum and Scalar physics, and the implications for you as NLP Master Practitioner.
• Universe constructed like a hologram – implications for personal being and personal healing.
• The implications of Physics and personal power.

NLP Master Practitioner Conversational Change Using Quantum Linguistics and Prime Concerns
• Time release suggestions—How does the NLP Master Practitioner use the language of time.
• How to change your and others beliefs , conversationally, and unobtrusively.
• NLP Master Practitioner level, Sleight of Mouth Techniques.
• Directionalized questioning to create change in a certain direction
• Find the source of Life’s Problems

How to Do Personal Profiling
• How to discover Meta-Programs.
• How does the NLP Master Practitioner use Meta-Programs in selling, recruitment, and management.
• How to use the 8-minute Meta-Programs and Values Inventory.

NLP Master Practitioner and Our Values and How to Use Them
• How to discover Values and use them in selling, management and coaching
• How to change Values so we are motivated by the right things.
• How to discover and eliminate Values conflicts
• The 8 values levels of the Coaching Values Inventory and our personal growth and evolution.
• Includes certification in the Coaching Values Inventory for NLP Master Practitioner graduates.

Advanced NLP Master Practitiioner Level Patterns and Techniques
• Compulsion Blowout—relief from your compulsions
• Designer SWISH pattern models
• Using in-built hard-wired neurology to create change.
• Using Logical Levels of Therapy for easy change of strategies
• Elicit and utilize strategies in therapy, relationships and business.
• How to install and change Strategies

• This is the real secret of the NLP Master Practitioner’s success: How to model other people’s excellence and duplicate it.
• How to discover excellence, and when you do how to capture it and make it your own.
• How to become really excellent.
• How to put together a training to replicate that excellence in others.
• Do a modeling project and be convinced of your ability to do modeling.

NLP Master Practitioner Presentation Skills and Training Design
• Reading the room at a glance
• How to get into rapport with large (and small) audiences group rapport.
• The real secrets of the NLP Trainers.

How to do a Personal Breakthrough Session with Time Line Therapy®
• Learn specific steps for a personal breakthrough session for business, education and therapy.
• Experience a five-hour personal breakthrough session during the training.
• Get your first referral from a client.

Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner Certification
• How to take a detailed personal history.
• Review – How to Release negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, and guilt from the past.
• Eliminate Limiting Decisions and Beliefs.
• The Creating Your Future Process® . How to put something in your future so it happens
• Using Time Line Therapy® specific techniques to assist clients in healing the symptoms of specific problems.
• What to use when.

Master Hypnotist Certification
• Learn to use the full continuum of trance inductions; direct-authoritarian, indirect-permissive and client-centered.
• Hypnosis techniques of the three acknowledged masters; Erickson, Estabrook and Elman.
• Know how to Induce all the classic hypnotic phenomena.
• Learn the hypnotic general healing paradigm.

How can I learn so much in just 14 days?
There is no required pre-study, but if you want to, you can pre-study or post-study materials before or after attending the training.

You can just listen to our audio CD’s and/or read books. During the training you will put what you have learned into practice and master new ways of thinking. You will also receive personal mentoring so you can learn and master the material easily.

What People Are Saying
“First of all thank you very much for the great education I have received. It has been my plan since spring last year to really be an NLP trainer. And I wanted to get certified; you brought me more however… And it keeps working. So, it already brings me a lot of good things in my normal career. – Guido Dik, Netherlands

NLP Master Practitioner
NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach Certification
NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Master Coach Certification
NLP Trainer’s Certification and Evaluation


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